bookFor many people, their job consumes more than half of their waking hours but they don’t enjoy their work for one reason or another. Days are too long and weekends too short. Stress and dissatisfaction are common. Health, energy levels and productivity are negatively impacted. Many workers change jobs to escape from something they don’t like just to have it show up in their new job. Others stay where they are, hoping things will change for the better someday.

Your company, customers, managers, coworkers, deadlines, and expectations are among the many things that play a role in making your work enjoyable or unsatisfying. Ideally it would be great for your work to be enjoyable all the time; but what do you do when it’s not?

In her book, Ann offers some tools and techniques for getting some relief from this dilemma. With real-life work stories you are shown how to view work from a different perspective and set boundaries to keep your frustrations and stress to a minimum.

What others have said about . . .  It’s the JOB …or is IT?

As a fellow coach, father and businessman, I too, sometimes feel the anxiety of life’s challenges. Your book came in an opportune time in my life, and it has prompted me to reassess my goals and focus on what I really love. I Love your book. If people actually knew the value and content of what is in your book, they would go to the end of the earth to get it. – Rodney Sapini

This book is an engaging read and shows real world examples of why achieving satisfaction in your non-work life actually helps you enjoy work more and become a better employee. In addition to building the case for why it’s important to achieve balance, it gives some practical tips on how to ease in small changes so that over time you reach the work/life balance that’s right for you. If you follow the advice in this book, not only will you be happier, you’ll exhibit energy and enthusiasm for everything that you do! – Randy Saunders